Day 15 – Carbs

So, day 15. Same weight as yesterday – quite amazing considering how much rice I had.

Today is penne with vegetables. Lunch and dinner. Some chocolate, if I am good.

I forgot to mention the breakfasts… Apart from water and strawberries / bananas / kiwis / apples and the like, nothing much to tell.


Day 14 – Starch – My first cooking attempt…

Ok… so, starch again. I had bought rice and penne rigate and some other unpronounceable Italian pasta stuff and I finally decided I want to give cooking a try.

So… as any enthusiastic new cook, with more nerve than knowledge, I put some rice in a cup, I washed it till the water was no longer white, then I put 2 cups of water in a pot and I boiled the darned thing.

I ought to say that I am not a multi-task kind of person, because as I was making the vegetable side of the rice, I managed not to pay attention to everything and cut too little veggies, compared to the pot of rice I got.

Needless to say, lunch and dinner were rice and veggies. And pics will come later.

Then I prepared the lunch and dinner for Day 15 (Carbs).

It was a good day – -3,3 Kg from start date, which makes me about 96,5 Kg.

Day 13 – Protein Diet

Today was protein and it started off with some good news… in the sense that my weighing finally showed some improvement!

I’m even gonna make an excel to prove it…

So… I made a huge omelette (2 eggs), with everything. And I mean everything I had around the house, which wasn’t much. Some red onion, some green onion, eggs and such. I wanted to go all out and put some cheese, but then I remembered that my progress is so low because I keep making nuclear caloric combinations. The salad was even bigger.

Then I drank a looooooot of water.

For dinner, I had another egg, this time just one and very lightly fried. With 2 tomatoes on the side.

I had all of three pieces of bread all day. It was amazing.

Day 12 – Vitamin

Good moorings!

Right… so another Vitamin day, which means I get in touch with my herbivorous side (sorry, meant to say vegetarian, but it’s the same thing).

Lunch was one huge and tasty salad, courtesy of my friend and colleague.

It’s babysitting day, so off I went to dinner to my sis-in-law. She cooked me some veggies that I shared with my 2-year old niece.

All in all, it was a great evening! (I cheated again, she had some leftover pastry)


Day 11-Carbo

Today was my niece’s birthday. Thank God it was a CARB day, because who gets to eat cake? I get to eat cake!!!

It was also pasta day – after bragging that I will cook pasta and such, I finally gave in and went to get some pasta from Fru Fru.

No pictures, or at least I don’t think so.

Dinner was another set of pasta and a triple chocolate mousse cake and 2 (ok, 3) pieces of of pastry. I am helpless – and hopeless – when it comes to yummy pastry.

Pics later…

UPDATE*** – It’s later!



Day 10 – Starch

97,6 Kilos

No measuring today… and I am finally up to date!!!

My colleague cooked today. I am seriously thinking of combining starches. Like rice and potato… Will halve everything.

Pictures later… and an update…

No pictures! I forgot.

So, lunch: 3 potato croquettes, 2 spoons of risotto and 1 cabbage salad.

Dinner will be interesting, if any…


Interlude 2

The cheating is bothering me.

However, following the chat I had last night with my friend, I discovered that my idea of making an excel file to follow-up on my weight loss is not a bad idea.

I am still working on the paper file, of which I will put a picture later on.

Still have not had the nerve to measure my breasts – what if they start shrinking???

Gotta think about it…

Ok… the food stuffs…

Day 1: Protein Рchicken and avocado, bell pepper, tomato salad


Day 1 – another picture…IMG_20170508_122833

Day 2 – Starch dinner (half of what I had for lunch)IMG_20170509_185332

Day 3 – Lunch was pasta with pesto and dried tomatoes…¬†IMG_20170510_133335

Day 4: Lunch vitamin party!IMG_20170511_134248

Day 4 – Dinner – another vitamin party…